Plan your newborn session

Thank you for booking your portrait session with Kelly Mills Photography! Find all you need to prepare for and plan your session here. 

I'm available via phone/email/text to discuss any details further.


Session style

Kelly Mills Photography offers both lifestyle session imagery and posed newborn setups. During your session, we will spend the most time on the images most important to you. Please review sample photos of each style to determine which look you want to achieve - whether its a relaxed lifestyle session showcasing your new bundle in your home environment, more posed traditional newborn photography or a mixture of both. 

Keep in mind that newborn sessions typically last around 3 hours. If you choose a mixture of lifestyle and traditional posed, this will limit  the number of poses/setups we can achieve in each category due to time limitations. 

Lifestyle family

Relax and snuggle with your new baby in the comfort of your home surroundings. These images strive to capture intimate family bonding moments set in the nursery, master bedroom, and wherever your home lets in the most natural light. Your gallery will consist of a mixture of posed and candid family and sibling moments (if applicable), as well as solo baby portraits set in the crib or on the master bed. I will also bring a prop setup (basket, crate, etc.) upon request. 

Traditional posed

These images focus on your new sweet bundle of joy in a mobile studio I bring to your home, complete with a posing beanbag and blanket stand. Your gallery will showcase different poses, detail shots and any special outfits or sentimental props you have for your little one. In addition to the beanbag, I will also bring a prop setup (basket, crate, etc.) to add variety. 

Session Preparation Checklist

✓ Full belly = sleepy baby

Please feed baby up to 30 minutes prior to our session start.

✓ Encourage sleep

Interact with baby during the hour prior to our session so that getting him/her to sleep and stay asleep will be easier. 

✓ Temperature

Newborn babies like it warm! Especially for those naked sleepy shots. Setting your thermostat over 80° is ideal, at least 78° is recommended.

✓ Soothers

Pacifiers can be controversial at this age, however it can make or break a session. Having a pacifier on-hand is recommended for soothing during posing and handling.

✓ Clear your schedule

Schedule our session on a day with no other appointments or plans to allow for a calmer flow.

✓ Minimize guests

Limit distractions that will prevent baby's slumber. Keep the number of people present at the session limited to those being photographed. 

✓ Attention to clutter

Please don't clean for your session! I take care in finding the best natural light in your home, there is no need to have the entire home spotless and clutter free. However, if there is a particular room you'd like to photograph in (nursery, living room, master bedroom, etc.) please remove excessive background clutter prior to the session. 

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